The cloud-based CampTrac APV * system enables Lifv's customers to be able to open the door to Lifv's stores via the Lifvs app. The Living app automatically recognizes which store is closest to the customer and then shows an "Open door" button that the customer presses to open the door to the store to be able to shop.

Lifv's developers have used the CampTrac RESTFul API to integrate CampTrac's intelligent access functions.

Bea Garcia, VD Lifvs:

“Lifv's vision is to offer unmanned retail trade around the clock. Being able to provide easy and safe access to the store is a crucial factor for our success. We were looking for a strategic partner in security early on who had a cloud based access system with an intelligent and secure API that we could quickly build into our APP. We chose PartnerSec for their vision and strategy to be in line with our values ​​and strategic goals and that CampTrac APV was a perfect match for our technical needs.

Stakeholders for our stores has overwhelmed us and we look forward to a rapid expansion together with our partners. ”

Daniel Rumack, Senior Account Manager PartnerSec:

"Bea and her team initially had a clear picture of how their solution would work and how their customers would perceive them. Thanks to their clear vision and our CampTrac APV * system, we were able to help them translate it into a new type of technical solution that we have not seen in the market before. The result was a super-smooth solution for Lifv's customers who shop in the stores. 
PartnerSec's vision is "The Worlds Best First Impression to the Most Important People in the World" and where Lifvs and PartnerSec match each other perfectly. We are proud to be able to help Lifvs give their customers the world's best first impression to their stores. 
We thank Lifvs for trusting in delivering an innovation solution to Lifvs Scandinavia and their customers. ”

* APV - Access, Payment, Visitor

More about CampTrac:
For further information, contact customer manager: Daniel Rumack, Senior Account Manager, 073-6404035, e-mail:

About Lifvs
Lifvs operates small, unmanned, local stores primarily focused on communities where today you have far to the nearest store. The idea is to, on a small area, offer a full range, ie. something in all categories. Lifvs will establish at least 300 stores in Sweden. 
The stores are open 24 hours a day and are completely unmanned - the customer downloads the Lifv app, registers and opens the door with the app. When the customer has picked goods, they pay by self-scanning with the app.

About PartnerSec AB
PartnerSec's Vision: The World Best First Impression to the Most Important People in the World. 
Our value words: Simplicity - Safety - Automation. 
Our products: We manufacture and sell APV systems (Access, Payment, Visitor).