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13 May SMS-keys® sees the light.
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SMS-keys® is super smart and super easy for anyone that want to give temporary access to people to an object. And they are is just what they sound like. They are virtual keys that are sent as an SMS t..
06 Mar Waterfront Building chooses virtual keys from PartnerSec.
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Waterfront Building in central Stockholm remove RFID cards in favor of cloud-based virtual keys from PartnerSec. Until now, the property managers have issued access cards to visitors and tenants but a..
19 Dec Card Administration Kiosk
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With the new card lending kiosk, employees can safely, with two-factor authentication, issue their own temporary access cards if they forgot or dropped their regular access card while deactivating the..
22 Aug PartnerSec delivers CavVisit®- Visitor System with QR-keys™ to NCC's main office
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NCC is building its new main office and has chosen to use the visitor system CavVisit® with QR-keys™ in combination with CampTrac APV® for automatic handling of visitors.The modern and innovative visi..
29 May Lifvs Chooses CampTrac
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The cloud-based CampTrac APV * system enables Lifv's customers to be able to open the door to Lifv's stores via the Lifvs app. The Living app automatically recognizes which store is closest to the cus..
11 Apr AMF Real Estates selects CavVisit® with QR-keys™ for Urban Escape
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AMF Real Estates purchases a new type of visitor system - PartnerSec presented the best solution in the form of CavVisit® visitorsystem in combination with the intelligent access system CampTrac®.Abou..
22 Jan New Website!
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As you can see, Camptrac now has a new website! More updates and information are coming so, keep checking in!..
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