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Reduced cash management.

With CampTrac you do not have to handle cash at kiosks, coin machines, rental centers, etc.

You get better control over the cash register and increased security.

Visitor control.

No unauthorized persons in your area and shared facilities.

You can easily set validity for each guest card and blacklist the cards in real time if necessary.

Copy protected.

The smart cards are encrypted with high security to only work in your area.


Pre- or post-payment.

Charge guests in advance or after their visit. You choose the solution that best suits your business.

All payments and transactions are saved on an account in CampTrac Cloud.

Avoid high costs.

Instead of an expensive expansion of eg hot water usage, you regulate guests’ usage of service facilities.

Charge different prices different times of the day to maximize utilization of existing service houses.

Easier purchases gives more purchases!

CampTrac provides faster purchases which in turn creates more satisfied customers.

Satisfied guests


The guest uses a card for many things such as paying for products/services or opening of cottages, hotel rooms or service areas.


The safety of the guests increases when no unauthorized persons stay at the campsite.

Fair and easy distribution.

Fair and easy distribution of shared services such as hot water, laundry machines and showers, provide satisfied guests.

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