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CampTrac Automates, Secures and Simplifies access & payment

Camp site

Camp sites, RV parks, Harbours and Resorts

CampTrac is the international number one choice for access control and payment for Camp sites, RV parks, Harbours and Resorts. CampTrac has been working with access control and payment for the recreationsal industry since 1995 and we do not only have the best product but also the best understanding of how the recreational industry works and how to help your customers to grow.

Access & Payment system for the camping industry

Many of our customers began to use CampTrac to give guests access to gates and doors because they want to make sure that only the guests that have paid for access to the site are able to use the facilities on the site. Then the site owner starts using CampTrac to charge for services such as showers, washing machines, latrine emptying, access to sauna, access to spa & gym and more.

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Access control shared office space

Shared Office Spaces

CampTrac fits perfectly in a intensive and ever developing environment. That is why it has become to first choice for access control and payment of shared office spaces owners.

With CampTrac the shared office space owner can give access to front doors, conference rooms, service facilities and much more. At the same time they can use CampTrac to charge money for services such as coffee & soft drinks, printing, and other services - based on what the tenants are using. It is some time called "Pay-as-you-go".

Many shared office spaces companies starts with small installation of CampTrac as its a new type of technology and a new way of working. The more they wish to automate the management of visitors, deliveries and tenants they gradually let the system grow until they are fully automated.

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Multi tentant

In a multi tentant office with multiple receptions CampTrac adds a simple and secure way to manage access control and visitors so that each individual tenant (reception) only can see it's own employees and guest wilst the central reception can see all.

With QR-keys and SMS-keys CampTrac are able to give virtual access for temporary visitors such as business visitors, consultants, craftsmen and others.

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