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CampTrac is an access control system with payment functionality. With CampTrac you can choose between online readers (communicating in real-time with the CampTrac Cloud), Offline readers and Hotel locks (Cabin locks).


CampTrac has a built in Payment system that allows the user to issue credentials (contactless card, QR-keys or SMS-keys) that can be used to pay for product or services. When a card holder presents a card to a card reader a payment can take place and the card reader can open a door or control an I/O device (Input/Output).

100% Cloud & Web-based

CampTrac is a cloud based system with a web based user interface. All parts of the systems are based on cloud technology and IoT intelligent hardware.


Automatic visitor management means the visitors and hosts never has to interact with a receptionist or reception. The entire stay will be managed by the hosts and visitors themselves and system will log all activities throughout the stay.The host will invite a visitor via a web portal and the guest receives a mail with instructions for the visit as well as a QR-code that will be use as an identification at arrival and as an access card during the visit.

ID-card Ordering

CampTrac offers an ID-card ordering module where employees and contractors are able to pre-order ID-cards with photo and signature. When the system is setup, it's configured to suite your needs and the integration to CampTrac is super simple. The system has a web-based API so all integrations are done via the web.


All contactless cards and keyfobs that CampTrac uses are encrypted on a sector and application level to ensure the highest level of security.


The CampTrac Hotel & Cabin locks are AA battery powered RFID locks that works outdoor. The lock outer shell is made of stainless steal and  is able to withstand -25°C . This makes the lock suiteble to cabin and hotels with front doors sitting outside.

All CampTrac card readers are built for working indoor as well as outdoor in harsh environments.


The AA battery powered CampTrac lock (RFID) is highly suitable to use on hotel doors, conference rooms and other doors where you need a secure access..


The CampTrac contactless reader are available with keypad. The purpose of the keypad are many. The administrator can issue cards with a code or just a code. The code can be used during a specific time frame or a specific number of times. This is simple and good way to let a card holder or guest in to an area when staff is unavailable to issue a card.


With CampTrac, you can choose wether you would like to have your users and guest load money on to their card/account upfront (Pre-payment), or that every purchase becomes a transaction. Very similar to a credit card where you pay afterwards when the guest/user leaves (Post-payment).


The CampTrac Online card readers communicate with the cloud service in real-time. This means that there are no delays (upload/download) but every transaction happens so that the administrator can see them while they are happening. For the owner, this means that data can be used and analyzed simultaneously in order to make smarter and better business decisions.


The CampTrac contactless reader is available with keypad. The keypad has many purposes. The administrator can issue cards with a code or just a code. The code can be used during a specific time frame or a specific number of times. This is a good and simple way to let a card holder or guest in an area when staff is unavailable to issue a card.


All CampTrac online and offline card readers are IP-67 certified, designed for outdoor use. They consist of UV-protected plastics with the ability to withstand both heat and cold (from -25°C to +65°C), making them suitable even in harsh conditions.


CampTrac has multi-language support in its core. What if we don't have your language? Then you can translate it yourself in the cloud portal.


With our modern integration interface, any programmer is able to integrate their system with CampTrac. We provide systems running online as well real-time integrations.

This ensures a great automated experience for the users and guests.

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