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Comers reservation system is a complete solution for the modern company that wants to do business both online and in the traditional way.

The system includes integrated online booking for customers, agents and other distributors. We deliver a total solution with website, online booking, online payment, billing, administration, economics, statistics and more.

With Comers reservation system, you get a powerful and flexible tool that handles both simple bookings dynamic package combined with, for example external systems.

How is Comers integrated with CampTrac APV? Comers has done a full integration with CampTrac APV system so that visitors that arrive at a customer that are using Comers are able to use the CampTrac Kiosk to register their own visit and issue a CampTrac Card by themselves without need of interaction with staff. The staff can also issue cards from the administrative interface of Comers to guests.

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DLBOOKIT booking solution is continuously developed based on market needs. This means that we place great commitment and set aside funds to satisfy our customers' wishes. At the same time, we work with Microsoft and other suppliers of development tools to ensure that the latest and greatest technical solutions are used.

DL Systems develops DLBOOKIT booking solution which is a custom software for the hospitality industry. The company has been around since the beginning of the 90s and has operations in Söderhamn, the customers are all over Sweden. Our staff ensures that you get the best possible service during commissioning and support. We help companies in the hospitality industry to become more successful by being responsive to needs and offering the best solution by combining technology, industry knowledge and service.

How is DLBookit integrated with CampTrac APV? DLSystems has done a full integration with CampTrac APV system so that visitors that arrive at a customer that are using DLBookit can issue CampTrac Cards for both offline and online card readers. DLBookit has also developed their own self registration kiosk that are integrated with CampTrac so that visitors can manage themselves ones they arrive on site.

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The company Paxess develops the booking system Turbo2an.

Paxess have refined and redone, tidied up, cleaned up, simplified and improved the all new turbo2an. TurBo2an contains a lot of news that facilitates the daily work with booking, check-in / check-out, checkout, invoicing and finances etc. The previously popular and appreciated functions from TurBo are of course still there, the recognition factor will be high for you who have used TurBo before.

How is turbo2an integrated with CampTrac APV? Paxess has done a integration to CampTrac APV so that guests that arrive at a customer that are using turbo2an can issue CampTrac Cards for offline card readers.

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q-system is a cloud-based queue system for queue management, ranging from banks to retailers.

q-system is built on user-friendly apps. Layouts and functions are tailored to your needs. The queuing system can easily be changed, scaled up or down and adapted to different industries. In today's modern generation of queue ticket systems, your customers can choose to grab a digital queue ticket. q-system can also be integrated with existing hardware, benefitting both you and the environment. More productive time; q-system tells staff and customers when they need to be on location and provides you with daily statistics reports.

How is q-system integrated with CampTrac APV? When a visitor is issued a queuing ticket the QR-code on the ticket is automatically created in CampTrac and the visitor can easly gain access thru speed gates controlled by CampTrac QR-key readers when the visit has been put to the front of the line. As both systems are cloud based it is very easy to install and put the entire solution in production.

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CavVisit is a fully automated visitor management system. CavVisit suites all facilities, from the single
company reception to multi-reception solutions in several countries with support for multiple languages.

CavVisit completely replaces the manual visitor log and automates the visiting process. CavVisit is made to give your visitors the worlds best first impression.

CavVisit provides smarter meeting bookings, faster check-in, professional visitor badges and can be
integrated with the facility’s access control system.
CavVisit is cloud based so it is easy to setup and install. We will help you with installation, setup and training. CavVisit can be delivered complete with software, hardware, installation, training, documentation and

How is CavVisit integrated with CampTrac APV? As CavVisit and CampTrac are both developed by PartnerSec the integration between them is a full integration. When CampTrac APV is used together with CavVisit Automatic Visitor management system the visitor process seamlessly lets the visitor flow thru the building, all the way into the meeting room in a secure and fully tracked process.

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