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camptrac ecosystem
camptrac ecosystem
By using a CampTrac card reader you are able to charge money for products and services in the office. When you are using online card reader all purchases are added to the users account and you can bill them as any time.
Automatically reads the license plates of you employees and guest cars and lets if they are welcome. This speeds up the process of letting vehicles IN/OUT of buildings instead of using access cards.
With our combo reader that reads both QR-codes and RFID cards it goes fast to welcome employees and guests. This simplifies the visitor process, lets employees in a secure way and creates a modern atmosphere.
By using the CampTrac battery powered RFID locks you will get a very cost effective way to secure working spaces.
By using the CampTrac Online card readers you can easily let employees (or tenants) use or rent the conference room. You can easily charge money for it just by turning on the CampTrac payment functionality.
Sometimes you need to give a user access to a facility without the user having a smartphone or contactless card. Then you can use the RFID keypad reader to issue codes that are valid during a certain timeframe or a specific number of times.
You control CampTrac from anywhere in the world and from any device (PC, Mac, Smart phone and tablet). You can do this because it is cloud-based with a true web based user interface.
The SMS-key is a virtual key that you can send to a user or a guest. The user can click on the SMS-key in the SMS message in order to open a door. SMS-key are independent of APP’s or phone models. It’s a super-simple and effective way to issue temporary keys to contactors, drivers, visitors and others.
A QR-key can be sent to a visitor or guest that you want to give access to certain areas. You can send the QR-key by mail or SMS message.
Provide guests with a secure access to your establishment
Buy products and services using one card
Save time for both you and your guests
Manage and monitor your visitors automatically
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One card for all
Self-service kiosk
Self-service kiosk
Relieve staff and reception.
Let guests check in themselves.

CampTrac News

22 Aug PartnerSec levererar besökssystemet CavVisit® med QR-nycklar™ till NCC:s nya huvudkontor
0 46
NCC bygger sitt nya huvudkontor i Järva Krog och har valt att använda besökssystemet CavVisit® med QR-nycklar™ i kombination med CampTrac APV® för att automatiskt hantera sina besökare.Det moderna och..
29 May Lifvs Chooses CampTrac
malco 0 143
The cloud-based CampTrac APV * system enables Lifv's customers to be able to open the door to Lifv's stores via the Lifvs app. The Living app automatically recognizes which store is closest to the cus..
11 Apr AMF Real Estates selects CavVisit® with QR-keys™ for Urban Escape
0 162
AMF Real Estates purchases a new type of visitor system - PartnerSec presented the best solution in the form of CavVisit® visitorsystem in combination with the intelligent access system CampTrac®.Abou..

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